MSC Re assessment 2024

The Re assessment of the fishery will be starting soon as we have agreed to renew the certification.  If you have any questions  you would like to ask & have answered or comments you wish to make please let me know and I will forward the request to the auditors.

Please spare the time to speak with the auditors and feedback your thoughts on the MSC and how  you feel about it.

Wash Brown Shrimp HCR Report May 2024.docx
Wash Brown Shrimp HCR Report Feb 2024.docx
Wash Brown Shrimp HCR Report 09-2023.docx
Year end 2022.pdf

Late September 2022 

The link above here is the latest data for September 2022 and the graph shows an improvement of the landing figures well above the 100kg / tide limit

Sept 2022

The link above shows the latest landings information the graph shows the recovery of the stock to a level above the 100kg / tide limit


June 2022

We are now arranging the second surveillance audit and the auditors may want to speak with you, please spare what time you have to ensure they get a fair chance of understanding the fishery and what we do.


EIFCA are concerned about the level of activity in the Whelk fishery increasing , please see the letter (link below)


May 2022

The latest Report for the Landings up to the end of May 2022 are below


Dec 2021

The surveillance audit is now completed and the report can be downloaded from the downloads page. We are working on the conditions we have and are hopeful of closing them soon

Updates and News


May 2020 Shortlisted for an award this year, I am so pleased that all our hard work has been recognised and we are being considered for this award.  Unfortunately you are not able to vote for us a panel will decide who is the winner.  Fingers crossed.

Fishing News Awards


Great news for the end of 2019 the Wash Brown Shrimp is a contender for an award in the Year 2020.  

December 2019

The vessel list has been updated please check your vessel is on the list and if not inform David Guy, his details on the contact page.


Meetings have started today with the CAB Acoura, the consultants will be in the area for the next 3 days and available on the phone or by email thereafter if you have any questions or need to discuss any areas of the MSC process or final assessment.  More information in the link below.


The SFAWG met in Kings Lynn to discuss the project work to date, EIFCA kindly offered the meeting venue and attended the meeting, it was agreed to adopt the management plan and David Guy was appointed as Chair for the next 12 months.  More details on the downloads page of this site.


Poseidon have been employed as consultants and have arranged a workshop on the 26th September 2016 in Kings Lynn that will progress further the work that is required to take this to the full assessment.  This is required to prove the fishery is sustainable, key members from the fishery and stakeholders will all contribute to the workshop.   


On initial findings it was thought that there was limited landings data for Shrimp to allow for a full progression towards the MSC accreditation, we now feel we are in a position whereby the data we have collated over the last 3 years gives us good evidence of a sustainable fishery.

The sub working group meetings have been based on the data collation and we are very close to a reporting system that offers the correct information although is also workable for the staff involved and the vessels at sea.

In a recent meeting the sub working group decided that it is now time to progress this forward and 2016 will be an exciting year for the project, this fits with the launch of the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) that the group will hope to access to reduce the burden of costs on the local fleet of vessels and processors where possible.